Image of the rock of Gibraltar

My Personal Guide to Travelling in Europe


I decided to make this page since I was able to go on an amazing school trip while I was in High School. I was lucky enough to visit some of Europe's most beautiful and popular city and I want to be able to share that experience with people who have not had the chance to go or people who would like to relieve their wonderful memories of travelling. We started our trip in the south of Spain, in the region of Andalusia. This region is home to beautiful beaches and nice weather all year round.

Image of the City of Marbella in Andalusia

We then made our way up to Barcelona where we took a ferry to Rome. From there we were able to explore some of Italy's most famous cities and I was able to indulge in the food of my ancestors.Image of pasta and pizza

With this webpage, I hope to provide people with stunning pictures as well as information about some of the cities I visited. This was one of my favourite trips I've ever taken and I hope to share my joy and love for travelling with everyone.

Feel free to start exploring Europe through my webpage in any order you like!